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- A friendly take on car insurance


Learn how we made London drivers feel at home with localised illustrations and animation.

A study into how we created a fun, exciting website in a once dull industry.

We were given the opportunity to create a website that didn’t have to fit the usual mundane criteria that one normally associates with insurance sites. This gave our designers the chance to show off their creative minds.

The London car insurance industry has never been solely targeted, so we knew we would have to create a website that is both eye-pleasing and functional, setting the bar high for future competitors.

car insurance london website
An experience like no other.

Taking out an insurance policy has never been easier.

car insurance london UI/UX Deisgn
carinsurancelondon website design


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Red: 0   Green: 52   Blue: 100



Red: 172   Green: 26   Blue: 26


Red: 255   Green: 186   Blue: 111


Red: 125   Green: 143   Blue: 255


Red: 47   Green: 146   Blue: 255

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